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Authentic Dream Catchers
In Memory of my sister.  Who we lost in her fight with cancer.
        Handmade by Laurie Jacobs Clayton of the Tuscarora Indian Nation. All dream catchers are one of a kind.
Laurie and Neoma Jacobs above drinking a Peace Pop. Also two of my younger sisters.
Indians believed the night air was filled with Good and Bad Dreams. The Dream Catcher, when hung, moves freely in the air catching Dreams as they float by. Good Dreams find their way to the hoop where they slide down the feather and enter the life of the dreamer through a personal adornment. Bad Dreams get caught in the webbing and perish with the first light of dawn. Dream Catchers were hung on an infant's cradle board for good dreams and larger sizes were hung in the T-pee for all to have good dreams.
She sold these on my site before she passed with only one left unsold, and special orders for more.
Dream Catchers