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Bows N Ribbon Star

This is a Bow and Ribbon design that makes a star design in the ending design. Would make a beautiful, Afghan, pillow, or runner.
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Indian Paint Brush

A Beautiful flower, done in it’s original colors spiraling out with its  original spikes to give it it’s natural look. The square is 10 in” and looks  beautiful worked up as Native American Afghan as I did with another of  my squares. And is available as the Indian Paint Brush Afghan seen in  the frames on the homepage with the Daisy Afghan.
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8.5in. Country Square

This flower is done in it’s original woodland Native design. I have made  original designs in beading with the flowers and used that to inspire the  flower designs here.  The square is 8.5 in” and looks beautiful worked  up with the square below.  And is available also as the Daisy Afghan  seen in the frames on the homepage with the Indian Paint Brush  Afghan.
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10in. Country Square

This square has free petals at the outter edges of the flowers.  The  square is 10 in” and looks beautiful worked up with the square above.   And is available also as the Daisy Afghan seen in the frames on the  homepage with the Indian Paint Brush Afghan.

Let It Out Square 2

A Beautiful 12 x 12 in. square changing colors in the rounds over the  previous rounds gives it a unique look of movement with the colors  complimenting each other.  I have made this square into an afghan for  a friend by request in purples.

Rose Bud Valentine Square

A great holiday square for Valentine, always have a fresh vase of roses  full of vivid green leaves year round.   This would be stunning put  together with a JAYG border, one of my favorite is the braided join.     10” squares.
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Crocodile Stitch Square

This is a stunning 11 x 11” square.  This stitch has become all the rage,  this is worked in the round and it makes a very heavy afghan.  If you  live in those cold winter spots, this would be a great project for the  winter months.
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Multi Raised Flower

A Beautiful 10” in. square which brings out more of a defined flower  effect.  The squares are large enough, that with just a few you’ll have a  lapghan in no time, or a full size afghan quickly to add beauty to any  room in no time at all.

Tipsy Turvy Square

This square is very unique,  it was just a fun design I did with a spiral  st worked in a square then tipped and another square worked around  it.   Each square is 9”
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9in. Country Square

This is a stunning 9” square which always seems to have beginnings, it  is a very unique pattern done up.  It has the look of many twists and  turns to it when its finished.

Slice of Sunshine Square

A Beautiful 16 in. square which brings out optical illusion to crochet.  I  loved creating this design.  A sunny day of sunshine, this would make a  great addition to a sunroom or outside sitting room, and the square is  large enough it would work up quickly into a pillow or fast throw.

Christmas Star Afghan

This square was one I designed for my Christmas this year.  It begins  and ends with pointed stars.  This pattern works up very quickly and  the squares are large enough it would only take 16 to make a good size  afghan for the holiday season.  16” Square
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Snowflake Swirl Sq.

A Beautiful 8.5 in. square for a great winter afghan or holiday addition.   I also used this square to made a scarf and little additions to a sweater  I made.  Very pretty when worked up.

Autumn Leaves

This square is very unique,  I liked this, it reminds me of the leaves in  the fall showing the color changes they make.   Depending on the yarns  you use, it varies in size from 6” to 8” with sweater to 4 ply yarns.   Would be beautiful in a fall scarf.

Multi Inlaid Flower

This is a 10 x 10 square that works up into the whole designs around it  unlike the Multi Raised Flower.  With just a few you’ll have a lapghan in  no time, or a full size afghan quickly to add beauty to any room in no  time at all.
$3.00 $3.00 $2.00 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Let It Out Square

A Beautiful 10 x 10 in. square brings out the illusion opposite color  changes with the design and giving it a look as if its trying to escape  itself.  The white and black give this a great color combination.

Carnival Square

This square is a 9 x 9 in. square.  I love the way the colors slowly  change color with the light hit of contrasting colors complimenting  without overpowering the effect, and giving it a look of dimension  cascading down over itself.

Postrnds Square

This was a square I took to more rounds from my other patterns just to see how it would look, and liked it, then I had a request by a visitor to do it for a x-mas gift and a pillow so this is the squares 4 x 4 in reverse patterns I did for the lapghan and then had to down size for the pillow design and change it up some for that.
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