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Sonsuray’s Boutique
My World of Unique Colorful Crochet Where Designs Create Designs In and Around Themselves


In Crocheting & Needle Crafts :

Sonsuray’s was started by myself for the designs and patterns acquired over the years of working with yarns when I began afghans then as Christmas gifts for the family to making things for my children.  Recently with more time on my hands I have been able to take classes in the areas of Broomstick Lace, Tatting, JAYG, Seamless Crochet, Toolboxes, Irish Lace, Sock Making, Hat Making, Sweater Making, and bought tons of motif booklets to further my pass time.  This is a very enjoyable, soothing, relaxing, mind stimulating, crafty pass time you can put down and pick up any time and such a life saver for me.  I’m very glad I always had this and now I can keep it going as a pleasant pass time and pass on to others, but also have something always there in time for the next generations to come back to and hopefully add to. I did a great deal of embroidery when I was 9, and the funny little kits for knitting in the round and squares for the hot pads. My mom’s sister showed me how to tat, she was amazing at it.  I did macramé in hanging planters with mirrors, a HUGE punch rug for a Firefighter in the emblem for his fire place, along with a few other rugs.  In this site I have added my original designs. My graph designs are a bit more than just graphs, all chart patterns come with directions for afghan, smaller throw, or wall hanging, color chart with  yarn colors, written and grid pattern, options, and notes to make this an enjoyable experience for you.  I’ve always enjoyed putting out my work and colors and just doing what ever designs and colors came together.  Also I have done a number of works for friends and family at their request, (with 6 other siblings and the growth of the family from this, there have been many, many different projects over the years!).   I have sold at our city’s Farmers Market House for a number of years, and at Fire Hall Bingo’s. I believe its great to do what you enjoy and other receive joy from it also. The designs, publishing, and printing is done by Sonsuray’s, which is myself, and a lot of help from professional friends in learning many aspects of the works which go into making this all possible. I hope you enjoy the designs I have put together for you. I have had many compliments on my work and always done well at selling and giving.

In The Beading and Native American Work:

We were taught bead work by my Aunt, which was a great honor.  She taught us

the old way of beading, which she continued with until her time here was done. 

She was one of the last women alive to teach the children their language so it

wouldn’t be lost forever, which it nearly was since the elders only spoke it to each

other and was lost to all the generations after.  A very honored gift.

A little about the materials I work with

I use Sterling Silver. The turquoise and coral are top quality block hishi. The brass is solid brass. The smaller thin white bones are a highly polished slim bone hair pipe and looks beautiful in the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I have tried to keep everything as originally done as possible with materials. The cowries were used by Natives to trade and used as money. The bone hair pipe has a long history from prehistoric times. Early it was produced from the columns of marine conch shells and were gradually replaced by glass, brass and sliver. Sometime between 1776 and 1798 eastern wampum manufacturers produced shell hair pipe from the Western Indian conch and were carried by the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the Northwest Company, and Auguste Chouteau as trade goods. Bone hair pipe began around 1880, after a trader with the Poncas discovered that bone pipe stems from corn cob pipes were in demand. They were then produced in quantity in the shape of old shell hair pipe and have been around since.
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